Ask a vet online

These are the best sites to go to if you need to ask a vet questions related to your pets online, be it dogs, cats, rabbits, or other creatures. You can ask a vet online and get professional help without having to pick up the phone or go to your local veterinarian clinic. Here you will find both websites and social media platforms where you can connect with veterinarians and get their guidance, either through email, chat, or on Facebook pages run by vets and vet technicians

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Ask a vet online

Important notice: These ask a vet online sites are for non-emergency issues only. If your pet seems to be in pain or suddenly acts weird, seek medical attention from your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Asking veterinarians online should be reserved for general health questions, medical issues that seem of minor importance, nutrition advice, grooming and caring, and anything else that’s not urgent. Emergency issues that require immediate attention can include open wounds, suspicion of broken bones, repeated vomiting and vomiting blood, breathing problems, stopped breathing, and unconsciousness, bleeding from eyes, mouth, or nose, potential poisoning from eating something toxic, hard and swollen abdomen, and swallowed foreign objects that require surgery to extract

Chat with online vets instantly

Here are the top choices when it comes to online veterinarians. These services have licensed vets on standby every hour of the day, ready to give you help and guidance when it comes to pet health, training, behavior, care, nutrition, or anything else you might want to ask a vet about and get answers within minutes

Other online veterinarian sites

You can also ask online vets questions on these alternative sites, although they can be limited to opening hours and have a wait time before you get a response. These options should only be used for questions that are of minor importance as you might have to wait a while to get an answer, especially on the free sites


Should you require immediate medical attention from a veterinarian, you can find those closest to your location on the map below. This can be helpful if you are at a place you are not familiar with, or if you are a first-time pet owner and haven’t been to any veterinarian clinics yet. Click on the show larger map for more detailed information about the clinics, like phone number and website address. You can also get this overview by searching Google Maps for vets near me

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