How to get your dogs attention

Getting your dog’s attention is one of the most important things you should teach it as soon as possible, this will obviously make further dog training and leash walking easier. If your dog is paying attention to you it’s less likely to pull the leash, bark at other dogs and strangers passing by, sniff at everything it sees, and pick up stuff it shouldn’t. This part of the dog training video section has rounded up the best videos on how to get the dog’s attention, demonstrated by dog trainers on YouTube and explained in a manner that’s easy to understand. This section also covers how to teach a dog its name, which we’ll be starting out with

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How to get your dogs attention

Teaching your dog its name and getting its attention are quite similar in both practice and training, though calling its name is for enticing interaction with you while getting its focus is more for ignoring any distractions you encounter on your strolls. Dog training should be done in a distraction-free environment without any other dogs and people present that will draw its focus away from you. Training should also be done when the dog is calm and has burned off energy, like after a walk. Trying to train an overexcited dog will most likely just end in frustration. It is also important that you are calm too and not in a hurry to complete the training. Remember, it’s a legal requirement to have full control of your dog at all times. You are responsible for its actions and will be held responsible

How to teach a dog its name

Ken Steepe from McCann Dog Training shows you the fastest way to teach a dog its name. Watch how he trains a 12-week old Papillon puppy to respond to his name by associating it with a payout in the form of food. By saying the name of the dog every time he gives it a treat or a meal, the dog will eventually learn that whenever that word is said, something good is about to happen. Learn how to teach your dog its name with this video that only takes 7 minutes to watch

Another alternative video on how to teach a dog its name is this one from Simpawtico Dog Training, the method is the same as the video above, with saying the dog’s name while giving it treats or while feeding it meals. This video has a bit more technical explanations detailing what’s going on in the dog’s head. This one is also 7 minutes, take the time to watch both of these videos and you are ready to start teaching your dog its name, then just keep practicing until it sticks

Getting your dogs focus

Dog trainer Robert Cabral demonstrates on a 7-month old puppy how to get your dog to focus on you and maintain the focus. As he mentions in the video, focus training should be done before the puppy becomes an adult, as training it to focus on you will be harder during adulthood. The method used is called marking good behavior, whenever the dog makes eye contact, he gets a reward. The important part is to get the timing right, just as the dog looks at you, mark the behavior and give praise and a treat. This is a great video on a very important subject that you need to teach your dog in order to succeed with further training

Another great alternative on how to get your dog to focus on you is this quick straight to the point video from My Dog Training Spot. The basics are the same as the video above, using treats to draw the attention to you, just as the dog looks at you, release the treat. This video shows 3 different exercises, from easy to more advanced, all explained and demonstrated. At the end of the video, a summary of the different exercises are also in writing, making it easy to remember

Introducing the watch me command

Play Video about Dog training video: Watch me

Now that the dog has learned that looking at you is rewarding, it’s time to introduce the watch me command. This video from McCann Dog Training takes you through this process, using the same technique as the videos about how to get your dog’s attention. You can begin this training by putting your dog’s favorite treat on its nose, say look at me, watch me, or whatever your cue is gonna be, then draw the treat up to your face. The moment you make eye contact, praise the dog and give it the reward. It’s important to give the treat in a direct line from your face to the dog’s face so the reward comes when they are looking at you, or at least towards you as their focus is on the treat. Watch the video for more tips and instructions on how to successfully implement the watch me cue

Here is another video where you can see the watch me command in action, demonstrated by New York Bully Crew. This dog trainer also puts treats in both hands and holds them to the side to create a distraction, then rewards the dog the very moment it makes eye contact. Watch this video in addition to the one from McCann Dog Training and you are all set to begin your own training. Just remember, do your training when the dog is calm, like after a walk or playtime

Getting dogs attention resources

Getting dogs attention resources

Once you have watched these videos you should have a clear understanding of how to get your dog to learn its name and to pay attention to you on command. When you have succeeded in this, you are ready to proceed with further training as you are able to get your dog to pay attention to you. The next chapter is teaching dogs basic commands, like sit, lay, stay, drop it, leave it, and more. If you haven’t already, see also the highly important how to socialize your puppy

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