Potty training puppies

Potty training your puppy starts the moment you bring your dog home. There are 5 major requirements from your end for successfully potty training your new buddy, consistency, patience, practice, persistence, and praise. Be prepared to go out with your puppy a lot, even during the night. You must also learn how to interpret the signals the dog is sending before it needs to go to the bathroom, by observing his behavior, you can learn when it’s time to go outside. This part of the dog training videos library has rounded up potty training videos from different dog trainers sharing their successful roads to getting a housebroken dog

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Puppy potty training videos

As with humans, what goes in must come out. Keeping the puppy on a routine feeding schedule also makes a routine potty schedule. Puppies should be taken out to relieve themself first thing in the morning and 5 to 30 minutes after they have had a meal. The younger they are, the shorter the wait should be, this goes for water too, according to the American Kennel Club. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that if the puppy doesn’t eat all his food at once, remove the food bowl so he can’t eat whenever he chose to, the dog should learn to eat all his food at once during feeding time. Other times puppies should be taken out to relieve themself are after naps and playtime. Remember to give treats and lots of praise whenever they have successfully relieved themself outdoors

McCanns potty training guide

This is a quick intro about potty training from McCann Dog Training, where trainer Ken Steepe talks about how too many distractions from the designated potty area may prevent the dog from actually going to the bathroom and instead go when it gets back indoors. Finding a boring area with few distractions for the dog is recommended as a potty area, making sure the dog also does its business before heading back inside is a must. This potty training video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long, well-invested time that will get you started doing potty training the right way. They also have a playlist with more puppy potty videos right here

Zak Georges puppy potty training

Another puppy potty training video worth taking a look at is the one above from Zak Georges Dog Training Revolution. His philosophy is to teach the dogs that your house is their house too, and dogs instinctively don’t like to do their business where they live and sleep. His tip is to slowly allow the dog access to the whole house or apartment, taking one section at a time under heavy supervision while taking the dog out very often, and looking for cues that they want to go outside. Zak also recommends being boring outdoors while waiting for the puppy to relieve itself, and of course, give it treats and praise after relievement

Rachel Fusaros potty training

The third video in the puppy potty training section is from Rachel Fusaro, titled How To Potty Train Your Puppy Fast. Here she goes through her 5 steps for how to get your puppy potty trained in one week. The first step that she emphasizes the importance of is not taking your dog in straight away after it has peed, as puppies often have not learned how to release their bladder fully. Take some extra time outdoors and see if they need a second go before heading back inside. Rachel also removes the water bowl some hours before bedtime to eliminate the need for going to the potty frequently during nighttime, also recommended by the American Kennel Club. A puppy should have no food or water 2 -3 hours before bedtime, then one last potty trip outdoors before you hit the sack yourself

McCanns night potty guide

Another video you should check out is this Puppy Potty Training At Night, also from McCann Dogs. Here Kayl McCann shares her tips on how to survive the night by doing preparations before it’s bedtime for you and the dog. One of the most important steps for the puppy’s nighttime potty training is making sure it goes to bed with an empty bladder, also achieved by removing the water bowl some hours before bedtime and taking it out to relieve itself before its lights out. A trick for getting the dogs to poop before bedtime is to play with them, which loosens things up inside and makes it more likely for the dogs to poop afterward

Beckmans quick and easy potty training

Beckmans Dog Training got several videos on potty training that you can check out on their channel, this video gives quick straight to the point instructions on how to potty train your puppy, all done in two and a half minutes. His key points are giving the puppy high-value jackpot treats after successful relievements outdoors, like cheese, hotdogs, or bacon. According to Beckmans, puppies can hold their bladder for the same number of hours as they are old in months, so a 2-month-old puppy can hold it for 2 hours, a 3-month-old for 3 hours, and so on. During the night while they are asleep, this doubles. The American Kennel Club on the other hand has a month + 1 thumb rule, so a 2-month-old puppy should be able to hold it for 3 hours. But sticking to Beckman’s rule instead of pushing the limits is probably the safer choice to avoid accidents and setbacks indoors. The puppies should also be taken out after every event in their life, like after playtime, napping, eating, drinking, and running around the house like a crazy person. Take the time to watch this video, it’s well worth the couple of minutes

Puppy crate training guide

This video from Simpawtico Dog Training takes you through the process of crate training your puppy, all done in 15 minutes. Ian Stone explains how dogs are den animals and feel safe and comfortable in small spaces. A crate is a safe and protected den for while we cannot supervise the dogs, but it should never ever be used as a punishment. Don’t put the dog in the crate as a timeout when you are mad at it, this only teaches them to fear and loathe time in the crate. Here you can also learn about the pros and cons of various crates and what they are used for. This is a great video to watch if you are serious about crate training

Common potty training mistakes

Setbacks in your potty training are due to happen, in this video from McCann Dog Training, Ken Steepe takes you through 4 common mistakes why your puppy potty training isn’t working. Quickly summarized, if you leave the dog unsupervised in the house and it has an accident, it’s your fault for not paying attention. When puppies are outside the crate, they should always be supervised so that you can pick up on cues about when it’s time to go outside. The second common mistake is not sticking to strict routines, puppies should always be taken outside before and after crate time, as well as after meals and playtime. Thirdly, the puppies should also be supervised while outdoors to make sure they do their business before heading back inside. The last mistake is what the crate contains, some puppies are more likely to have an accident inside the crate if it’s stuffed with a big comfy bed and fluffy blankets. If your puppy relieves itself inside the crate, it might be time to get rid of something. The plastic bottoms of the crates are comfortable enough for dogs, eventually, they can get a towel as reward

Puppy potty training resources

Puppy potty training resources

Now that you have watched one or several puppy potty training videos, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to proceed with both crate and potty training for your new furry buddy. Below are some more potty training resources that you can read in silence if preferred, and perhaps print out to keep around whenever you need to freshen up your memory. Just remember potty training dogs takes time, consistency, patience, practice, persistence, and praise. For more useful dog training videos, check out the top 10 YouTube dog training channels and the highly important part about how to socialize your new puppy

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