YouTube dog training channels

Training your dog starts the moment you bring it home and lasts the rest of its life. To enjoy spending time with your buddy indoors and outdoors, it’s important to train it to behave well. Training your dog strengthens the bond between the two of you, and it provides the dog with some of the mental stimulation it needs to stay happy and avoid getting bored. The most effective way to train a dog is to find out what motivates him, like praise and cuddles, treats, or its favorite toy. Dogs are social creatures that find positive contact with family members rewarding. Most of them will happily do what you want in exchange for praise and some tasty treats. Harsh punishment for disobedience should never be used as it will cause even more problems, like depression and anxiety as a few examples

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YouTube dog training channels

Dog training today is a lot easier with the help of the sites like Google and YouTube, no matter what issue you face with your dog, help from professional dog trainers is only a few clicks away. In this section, you will find the best dog training channels on YouTube, packed with thousands of free dog training videos covering any topic. If you have a YouTube account, you should consider subscribing to the channels below to stay updated on new dog training tips and tricks

McCann Dog Training

McCann Dog Training has been on YouTube since 2010 and has since then published over 600 videos. Their videos are professionally made and well-explained in a manner that makes it easy to understand, with demonstrations on how to perform the various dog training topics they cover in the videos. McCann Dog Training is based in Canada and trains over 500 furry buddies every week. With over 100.000 dogs trained in total, these guys and girls know their dog training business

Zak Georges Dog Training

Zak Georges Dog Training Revolution is the largest dog training channel on YouTube with his over 3 million subscribers. He has been on YouTube since 2006 and has published over 470 videos so far, with new videos coming weekly. Here you can watch his free dog training videos in how-to styles, as well as videos where he works with problematic dogs. If you have an issue with your dog you want fixed, Zak George probably has a video in his collection that address that issue

Simpawtico Dog Training

When you first open the Simpawtico Dog Training channel you might think you have misclicked and ended up at some trance music video channel, but don’t worry, Simpawtico is all about training dogs and giving out tips on toys, accessories, and so on. It’s not the most content-rich channel on this list, but the videos they have are of high quality, well explained, and straight to the point. There are currently 59 videos uploaded since 2015, with new ones coming sporadically

Dog training by Kikopup

Dog Training by Kikopup is one of the oldest dog training channels on YouTube that’s still going strong. Ever since 2007, Kikopup has published weekly videos about dog training and other aspects of owning a dog, piling up over 500 videos so far. This channel contains a variety of different training, tricks, and exercise videos that you should scroll through to see if you find something you and your dog ought to work on. All videos are explained in an easy to understand way

Cesar Millan Dog Training

Cesar Millan probably needs no introduction as he’s been on the TV in millions of homes for years. On his YouTube channel, you can see clips from the shows where he deals with problematic dogs, as well as teaching how to deal with various situations and issues. If you have an aggressive or otherwise problematic dog, taking a look at what Cesar Millan has dealt with throughout the years may help you and your buddy. Cesar is the second largest dog channel on YouTube

Fenrir Canine Training

Fenrir Canine Training started in 2019 and has since then quickly gained popularity amongst people looking to train their dogs with the help of YouTube. Fenrir has published over 180 videos so far, with new ones being added weekly. His dog training videos cover everything from puppy training to adult dogs, all videos are also explained in a calm and simple manner, so it’s easy to understand what needs to be done. This is one dog training channel well worth subscribing to

Rachel Fusaro dog vlog

Rachel Fusaro has been publishing dog training videos on YouTube for over 10 years and is now close to having 400 videos on her channel. Although she is not a professional dog trainer, she has a lot of experience after fostering over 50 rescue dogs. Her videos are very well explained and easy to understand, mostly revolving around the aspect of puppy training. If you are looking for tips on safe dog foods you can cook for your buddy, you will find videos about that too here

Beckmans Dog Training

Beckmans Dog Training consists of Joel and Liz Beckman, two former Seaworld employees who are now focusing on training dogs with behavioral issues like aggression, fear, and reactivity. This YouTube dog training channel started in 2013 and has so far published close to 200 videos. Beckman uses a strong firm hand when he trains the dogs, leaving no doubt about who is the pack leader. This is the channel to go to if you want to establish yourself as your dogs pack leader

Nate Schoemer Dog Training

Nate Schoemer is a certified Professional and Master Dog Trainer that’s been publishing dog training videos on YouTube since 2009. Since then, he has published over 150 videos covering various aspects of dog training. Here you can learn about basic puppy training, as well as more advanced training for adult dogs. This is another YouTube dog training channel that you should subscribe to in order to stay updated on new tips and tricks, new videos are published weekly by Nate

Robert Cabral Dog Training

Robert Cabral has racked up over 200.000 subscribers since he started on YouTube in 2015, he is also the one with the most dog training videos on this list with close to 800 videos published so far, and new ones being added weekly. Robert Cabral mostly trains big dogs like German Shepherds and Malinois, but there are also smaller pet dogs on his channel. Follow this channel too and you should have a nice stream of dog training videos on your YouTube feed from now on

Dog training resources

Dog training resources

Now that you have filled up your YouTube account with dog training channels, you have a solid base of information that covers every aspect of dog training at your hands. If you would like to read some quick articles about dog training tips and tricks, you can find links to great sources in the section below. Remember, if you are looking for something specific to train your dog at, do a search on Google and YouTube, and you are bound to find something covering it. For more useful dog training videos, take also a look at the how to potty train your puppy video section, and the part about training dogs to walk on a leash properly

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