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The dog blog from ClawBuddies is where all the useful information and resources related to dogs end up. Here you can learn about the most popular dog breeds in the world, watch videos about training puppies and adult dogs, find the best books related to keeping and training your dog, and lots more interesting stuff

Here are the best sites to ask a vet online if you have any concerns related to your beloved pet. Get free professional help from these online veterinarians and vet technicians for non-emergency issues and general pet questions
Here are the best dog forums for getting help with your dog, plus the most popular dog communities on Facebook and Reddit with millions of dog owners sharing tips, tricks, and helpful info related to dogs and caring for them
Videos from professional dog trainers teaching how to socialize a puppy, which is the far most important thing you can do. Watch these free videos and learn how to handle the socialization stage of your new puppy the proper way
Watch dog training videos from professional dog trainers teach how to get your dog to walk properly on a leash, without pulling and getting distracted. Common leash walk training mistakes are also covered in this section
This section of the dog training videos covers how to get your dogs attention and how to get your dog to learn its name, building the foundation for further training like basic commands and walking properly on leash
Teaching your new family member the basic commands like sit, down, stay, off, etc will make your dog life a lot easier. Learn how to do it with the help of these well-explained videos from professional dog trainers on YouTube
Learn how to potty train puppies with the help of free videos from professional dog trainers on YouTube, learn from the best and get your puppy housebroken as fast as possible. Here are the top videos that you should watch
The dog training videos central has everything you need to get started training your buddy from the very minute you bring it home. Free dog training videos from professional trainers on YouTube that are easy to understand
Here are the best YouTube dog training channels for learning how to train your puppy and adult dogs. Top 10 channels totaling thousands of free professional dog training videos to enhance your own dog training
These are the 100 most popular pure dog breeds in the world, based on the number of average monthly searches on Google. Over 450 breeds have been researched, and these are the 100 dogs people are most curious about

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The Greyhound is the fastest dog breed in the world, they are large-sized dogs with a short coat that sheds moderately. These sprinters are also great family dogs that are calm and quiet while being indoors, relaxing on the couch

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

The small-sized breed Shih Tzu is a playful, loving, and affectionate little family dog that gets along with just about everyone. They can perfectly live fine in small apartments thanks to their small size and low exercise requirements


The Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This affectionate dog is generally friendly towards strangers, other dogs, and other pets. Beagles are known to bark and are not the easiest dogs to train

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